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Family-owned company in its third generation


What started out as a small family business is now a modern, innovative model company in its second and third generation in the ventilation industry. Approximately 170 expert and highly motivated employees are in action for you every day - in 7 branch offices in Austria and south-eastern Europe.

We develop, design, produce and commission components and whole installations. It is the home of the production division of Pichler’s quality products and is the starting point for our research projects, new developments and laboratory activities.

The headquarter of our company and also the home of production is in the city of Klagenfurt. Our customers enjoy the rapid availability of our products from our Klagenfurt and Vienna sites.

Our success history started in Slovenia over 15 years ago. There we are meanwhile one of the leading companies in the industry. Other sites have been set up and expanded in the cities of Zagreb, Split and Belgrade in Croatia and Serbia over the past 15 years.

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